About MetroCAF​

MetroCAF is the annual NYC Metropolitan Area College Computer Animation Festival organized by the New York City chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH. Over the past two decades, MetroCAF has grown into the most important local festival of its kind. It provides an exciting opportunity for all students in the NYC metropolitan area to show their work not only to their fellow students, but also to industry professionals.

The MetroCAF 2022 Team​

  • Co-Chair: Danesh Taraporevala, Independent
  • Co-Chair: Patty Wongpakdee, New York Institute of Technology
  • Webmaster: Wobbe F. Koning, Monmouth University
  • Design: Amelia Razak and Fernanda Valle, New York Institute of Technology

You can contact the team through our contact form.


NYC ACM SIGGRAPH is a part of the ACM SIGGRAPH network of Professional and Student Chapters. We are a non-profit, membership organization that as a part of the ACM SIGGRAPH organization values passion, integrity, excellence, volunteerism, and cross-disciplinary interaction in all of our activities.

Website: nyc.siggraph.org