Technical Specifications

Animations need to be uploaded through the Google Form (our on-line submission system, see the Submission Page) as a Quicktime or mp4 movie adhering to the following standards:

  • Frame size:
    • 1080p: 1920 x 1080 (square pixels)
      • 720p: 1280 x 720 (square pixels) is acceptable
      • Please note that THE JURY VERSION SHOULD BE 720p, regardless of the frame size of the screening version
  • Frame rate:
    • 23.976 fps, or
    • 29.97 fps
  • Video codec:
  • Audio:
    • Sample frequency/depth: 48 kHz/16 bit.
    • Uncompressed (Linear PCM – preferred), or
    • 320 kbit/s AAC compression (acceptable)
  • Movie Container:
    • Quicktime (.mov) or MPEG 4 (.mp4)

Do not submit work in any other media format. It will not be reviewed by the jury.