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  • We Need Your Support!

    MetroCAF is run by volunteers and organized by NYC ACM SIGGRAPH—a nonprofit, membership-based, professional organization. Putting a great festival like ours together is not entirely without costs. Since we do not want to charge festival entry fees, we encourage you to support us in other ways. Here are a few options:

    Become a member of our chapter

    If you enjoy the events we organize, why not become a member? Details on what membership gets you and an online membership form are available at nyc.siggraph.org/get-involved/membership

    Corporate Support

    Your company can become a corporate supporter of our chapter for as little as $1000!

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    Become a sponsor of MetroCAF 2016

    You can also help sponsor the festival directly. This is a very successful and well-respected event that draws between 300 and 500 people to the premiere screening each year. We have a variety of options available for prospective donors.

    Interested? Contact us!