MetroCAF is the annual NYC Metropolitan Area College Computer Animation Festival organized by the New York City chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH

Previous Editions

The MetroCAF 2020 Team Co-Chair: Danesh Taraporevala, IndependentCo-Chair: Patty Wongpakdee, New York...
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MetroCAF 2019
The MetroCAF 2019 Team Co-Chair: Scott Lang, Bergen County AcademiesCo-Chair: Tiffany Yu,...
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MetroCAF 2018
Friday, September 21, 2018 at NYIT’s Auditorium On Broadway
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MetroCAF 2017
MetroCAF 2017 Team Co-Chairs: Caroline Albrecht (Independent) & Bill Hewes (Click3x) Webmaster:...
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MetroCAF 2016
MetroCAF 2016 team Co-Chairs:E lize Ohira (Independent) & Mark Reynolds (Independent) Webmaster:...
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MetroCAF 2015
MetroCAF 2015 Team Co-Chairs: Elize Ohira (Independent) & Mark Reynolds (Independent) Webmaster:...
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MetroCAF 2014
MetroCAF 2014 Team Co-Chairs: Steve Rittler (William Paterson University) Scott Sindorf (UVPhactory)...
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MetroCAF 2013
MetroCAF 2013 Team Co-Chairs: Scott Sindorf (UVPhactory) Jaime Ekkens (The Big Screen...
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MetroCAF 2012
MetroCAF 2012 Team: MetroCAF 2012 Co-Chairs: Jaime Ekkens (The Big Screen Project)...
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MetroCAF 2011
MetroCAF 2011 team MetroCAF 2011 Chair: Michelle Barfoot (New York City College...
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MetroCAF 2010
MetroCAF 2010 team Michael Hosenfeld (NYU) - MetroCAF 2010 Co-Chair Scott Lang...
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MetroCAF 2009
MetroCAF 2009 Chair: Wobbe F. Koning, Montclair State University* MetroCAF 2009 Website...
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Started in 2003, MetroCAF has grown into the most important local festival of its kind. It provides an exciting opportunity for all students in the NYC metropolitan area to show their work not only to their fellow students, but also to industry professionals. Plans are under way for the festival to tour the network of ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters so this could mean international exposure for your work.